About Kit

 Transplanted from New York City, Kristin Hunzinger, most commonly known as "Kit," has spent a lifetime establishing her career within the fashion industry.  Self-taught in sewing by age 8, she continued to push herself with proper studies receiving her BFA from the Savannah College of Art & Design and furthering her expertise in New York City. Working as Designer, conceptual Designer, and sample maker for corporations such as the GAP,  and in- house atelier for a handful of couture designers both LA and NYC -based, creating one-of-a-kind pieces that graced the runways, and turned pages in major fashion editorials.  

After a career explored and techniques perfected, Kit made the bold decision to set herself apart and create a label all her own.

With a focus on womens evening wear, creating gowns for both runways and aisle debuts, she also balances her vision in the world of accessory design. This label that is created and maintained entirely by the hands of Kit here in the USA is admired from clientele throughout the world. Her aesthetic reads sophistication with a balance of adventure and whimsical ambition. 

  Be it layers of silk, or handbags made of the finest leather, her hand-crafted quality sets a standard above all else, reading a true testament to the art of couture. 

When Kit isn't in her Flagship Studio draping up her latest dream or stitching up a bag of adventure, you can find her biking around town in search of the perfect cafe to lose track of time with her watercolor paintings.