Stepping into the New Year.

As I finally allow myself the opportunity to reflect on this last year, I struggle on where to begin. The new year ended with such an exhausted body, swollen fingers, and a heart filled with great content. Even better, my year ended with an anxious mind to push further into my career. 

This last year and half had been the most trying, to say the least. I called 6 different cities home and rested my head  under 19 different roofs, living out of a single suitcase and moving with only my necessities- my sewing machines. All for which, I am grateful; the homes, the beds, the people that took me in.  All for which, I grew a great deal; the world I saw, the lessons I had learned. None of it is how I ever imagined it would be. Life wasn’t as gracious as I had romanticized in my mind. Then again, I suppose it never is.  Our imagination lives for reason. I grew stronger from this journey. And honestly, I’m proud of how I navigated to this very day. 

Roughly 18 months ago, I made the decision to start my own label. Naive as I was, I convinced myself I’d only need a couple of months to get my collection designed and sewn up. But orders were coming in fast for custom pieces and before I knew it, demanded a year of my time. What a blessing that was, and more so, it was the motivation I needed to press on. 

So as I sit here and try to reflect on my series of unfortunate events, I see nothing but fortunate. I am finally living my dream, creating my visions, and sharing them under my very own name. Sure its taking more time than I initially believed it would, but I’m enjoying the process of carving out this career and making it tailored to my exact dreams.

Something very dear to my heart is a golden horse shoe. My aunt had given it to me a handful of months back from my cousins show horse. (Pretty cool- huh!) After all the craziness that had occurred over those last 18 months, I started clinging to little signs of hope, trust, and luck. These auspicious symbols, I know are just that- symbols, but its the visual milestone marked,  that means the world. 

 I carried around this horseshoe throughout the holidays and over the last few months. I had my closest, most dearest humans, the ones who never left my side and fought for my dream as much as I, to leave their own words of inspiration. I am so excited to hang it above the door in my very own studio. Their words of encouragement, motivation and congratulations on a successful first year will be the very guidance needed as I step into this new year with far more strength than the last. 

It’s been a hell of a year, but the absolute best. Can’t wait to see whats in store for 2017!


Kit HunzingerComment