Married In Brooklyn


I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world, and for a multitude of reasons. One of those being the friendship I’ve been blessed to grow with Vanessa, and bonus(!) - The friendship gained with her now husband, Ben.

The two met at a Halloween party in NYC roughly 4 years ago.

Allow me to skip back in time to 4 years prior to that destined Halloween evening, and meet me somewhere in autumn, on the 3rd floor of a cozy dance studio just a block south of Madison Square Garden.

The music was vibrant and the floors rattling with every stomp and jive as the swing dancers moved about.

There I was, my blonde hair losing all hopes of composure and quickly turning to a tousled- fro, as I twisted from one dance partner to the next— and then it happened. I found myself captured by a stage- one clinger!

A dance partner who refused to let me out of his frame for an agonizing four consecutive songs.

At last, I managed to kindly wriggle my way out with some terrible excuse. I saw him make his way across the room to his next innocent victim.

This was my one heroic moment that I’ll forever boast about, because it led to my best friend.

As he extended his hand towards this beautiful young woman gesturing to have the next dance, I - Kit, bull-dozed my way in between and grabbed her by the arm . I gave this stranger the grandest, most sincere hug I’ve ever gifted and continued to shriek with so much excitement, you’d think we had been twins separated at birth and spent our entire lives in search of one another. I remember it like it was yesterday— I saved that girl.

Later that week we met for a coffee in the Upper East Side, and the rest is history. We’ve been at each others side through thick and thin for nearly a decade now.


And thats the story of Vanessa & Kit.

Pretty good, right?

Well, She’s got quite the love story with her now husband Ben. A man who gained my friendship as well as my trust very quickly into their relationship. He’s a native of St. Louis, with one of the strongest work ethics I’ve ever witnessed, and to top it all off he’s a man of intention. I say this because, well, Ben knew. He knew when he first met Vanessa that he was going to marry her. And he made it a point to get to know every individual she surrounded herself with, personally. And when I say he made it a point- I honestly mean, he made it a point. To get to know me, Ben agreed to lace up and run the streets of New York, maintaining conversation whilst dodging taxis and kids on scooters and every other obstacle in between- not the easiest time or place to develop a relationship. Though I must say, that conversation was the greatest foundation to a friendship that I’ll forever cherish.

Fast forward to November 11, 2018. The sun set in a glowing fashion, over the crisp golden leaves that canopied above Brooklyn. I got to stand beside my best friend while she exchanged her vows. The day finally came when Ben married Vanessa.


The magic, and the honor of it all, was creating a custom gown for Vanessa. A gown as soft and sweet as her very demeanor, with flair as charismatic as her heart.

Vanessa is a classic gal living the rebellious side of a non-traditional life. She wanted a gown that was simple but bold — and most importantly, something she could swing dance her wedding night away in. We came up with a gown that smoothed over her figure and kicked out at the knees with flowing drapes. A dramatic “trumpet” silhouette, if you will.

Made with 12 yards of silk 4-ply crêpe, we had framed her silhouette beautifully. Lined her entirely in the smoothest silk charmeuse, and draped layer- upon- layer of soft chiffon in varying hues of pink within her train. She walked and vowed and swayed the evening away in a gown that perfectly defined Vanessa’s classic and adventurous spirit.

She looked absolutely radiant.

The two shared a first look on their rooftop with the Manhattan skyline as the backdrop. Watching the sincerity in each of their eyes build up just moments before Vanessa tapped Ben on the shoulder, was genuinely one of the most raw and beautiful moments I’ve ever had the chance to witness.

Vanessa: Edith Stole in Chestnut, Custom Gown, Star Cluster Bridal Sash  Kit: Custom Bridesmaid gown; two piece. Wearing the Knött Tank paired with a custom charmeuse & Chiffon slit skirt.

Vanessa: Edith Stole in Chestnut, Custom Gown, Star Cluster Bridal Sash

Kit: Custom Bridesmaid gown; two piece. Wearing the Knött Tank paired with a custom charmeuse & Chiffon slit skirt.

We wrapped her up in our creamy chestnut Edith Stole to escort her from their Brooklyn Apt., through Prospect Park, and onto their venue in that crisp autumn air.

There wasn’t a single dry eye at the ceremony as the two were guided through matrimony by a dear friend to us all, Eleni, who had flown in from London to officiate such a grand evening.

The love Ben & Vanessa share is felt by all who surround. It is patient, it is understanding, it is inspiring and it is undoubtedly contagious. For all who know these two, know the greatest example of love.

I’ve know Vanessa for nearly a decade now, and I’ve never known her to be so happy. It has been the greatest gift to single handedly watch her grow into the woman she is today and to witness every chapter of their love story as its been written. From our early coffee dates as 20-something New Yorkers, to her smiling-self sitting on the sofa of my studio as a bride while I sewed her wedding gown, to watching that beaming smile greet her groom, its been a beautiful existence to call her my best friend.

Custom Wedding Gown & custom Bridesmaid 2-piece set

Custom Wedding Gown & custom Bridesmaid 2-piece set

I think my favorite moment of the evening was immediately after declaration as husband & wife, I accompanied the newly weds into their first moments of marriage to bustle the now Mrs.’ train. Ben held her hand with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen and exclaimed, “we did it!”

I have loved every moment of this friendship, creating these gowns and the new adventure they’ve stepped into as Mr. & Mrs.

They are lovely in every which way. They are raw, they are honest, they are funny and above all the, they are the kindest. My life has been made so much brighter because of these two.


Wedding bliss beautifully captured by New York Photographer, Konrad Brattke.

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